Partial Hospitalization Program in Asheville, North Carolina

Oasis Recovery Center is proud to offer addiction and dual diagnosis treatment in Asheville, North Carolina, through our top-rated partial hospitalization program. This is the perfect option for individuals requiring post-residential treatment before stepping into an outpatient program.

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Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Oasis Recovery Centers’ partial hospitalization program is a short-term treatment option that offers a higher level of care than outpatient treatment while still providing flexibility and independence. Clients attend individual counseling sessions, group therapy, holistic healing classes, and outings between 30 and 40 hours a week, returning home at the end of each day.

Entrance to Oasis Recovery Office

Our PHP program typically lasts between two to four weeks and is followed by outpatient treatment and aftercare. However, some clients might transition into another program four weeks into PHP, while others might need another week or two. Oasis Recovery Center operates under the belief that everyone’s needs are different, and we never establish a standard timeline clients need to follow, nor do we force them to adjust to something that doesn’t meet their goals. Some of the key goals of PHP treatment are to:

  • Create a solid support network
  • Develop or restore educational and career skills
  • Build and heal family dynamics and interpersonal skills
  • Understand the nature of substance use and mental health disorders
  • 2 – 4 Weeks
  • 30 – 40 Weekly Hours
  • Monday – Friday

Are You Covered For Treatment?

Oasis Recovery Center partners with numerous private insurance providers. Our team is committed to assisting you in quickly and effortlessly verifying your insurance coverage for treatment.

What’s Included In PHP

  • Individualized Care: Every client in our partial hospitalization program has a dedicated case manager and therapist to help along the way and provide the unique support they need. This empathy, compassion, and care extend beyond our clinicians, as clients will feel supported by every staff member at Oasis Recovery, including drivers, admissions agents, and chefs. From your intake assessment to aftercare support, you’ll walk in and out of treatment knowing Oasis Recovery has your back every step of the way.
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  • Diverse Treatment Methods: We take pride in providing a variety of effective treatment methods and holistic approaches. This allows our clients to discover healing techniques they haven’t considered before or have access to at other treatment centers. Every clinician in our partial hospitalization program offers something different, and we’re confident we can connect you to a treatment method that works. A few treatment therapies included in PHP include,
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Our PHP program is designed and molded around treating anything a client is struggling with, including co-occurring mental health conditions that can worsen substance use disorders and vice versa. Our clinicians are trained and licensed to help clients struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more. You don’t have to feel like you’re coming into a partial hospitalization program at a disadvantage because we focus on healing the entire person, and that includes neurodivergent individuals.

Advantages Of PHP

  1. Flexibility: Our partial hospitalization program does not require clients to stay overnight at a residential facility. This allows them to practice what they’re learning during treatment at home with their families, friends, or sober-living housemates. If you’re not in a situation where returning home after treatment is viable, don’t worry. We can connect you with partnered residential treatment facilities and local sober living homes and provide transportation to and from treatment.
  2. Structure: Even though clients don’t stay overnight, our partial hospitalization program offers one of the highest levels of structure and care. We ensure that clinical days make good use of our client’s time and are filled with beneficial activities, such as one-on-one therapy sessions, yoga and breathwork classes, and seasonal events like hiking, kayaking, and more. Additionally, our case managers actively meet with clients and update their treatment plans if they require less or more structure.
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  3. Easier To Transition: We don’t want clients to enter the next stage of their recovery process feeling unprepared or overwhelmed, and our partial hospitalization program acts as a much-needed buffer between residential and outpatient treatment. We also find that our clients have a higher chance of success and lower relapse rates if they transition into different levels of care rather than jumping into a full-time program without preparation.

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How PHP At Oasis Recovery Is Different

Partial hospitalization treatment at Oasis Recovery Center is different because clients are intentionally placed in the program with careful thought and planning. Other providers might hear the name of the drug a client’s been using or how long they’ve been addicted and stick them in a program based solely on impersonal criteria. You are more than an addiction, and you won’t be placed in partial hospitalization treatment if it’s not right for you.

The core of our center, The Oasis Model, is not based on heavy education or big, unrealistic ideas. Our PHP program focuses on pure, personal, and unbiased human connection to help individuals heal from the impersonal life of addiction. Additionally, any referrals we make to sober living facilities, therapists, or other outsourced addiction treatment providers are based on the person.

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Is PHP Right For You?

The partial hospitalization program at Oasis Recovery Center is perfect for anyone who:

  • Needs a structured treatment program but have enough support and confidence to abstain from drug or alcohol use while outside Oasis Recovery.
  • Struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders that make coping without substance difficult.
  • Struggle with trauma, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other deep-rooted psychological needs that make it difficult to balance treatment and personal responsibilities.
  • Completed a residential treatment program but don’t want to step into outpatient treatment yet.
  • Struggle to maintain sobriety during a lower level of care.

Connect With Us Now

Reach out to us now for immediate support, or let us know the best time to contact you through our confidential callback service. Your journey to healing is just a conversation away.

Oasis Recovery’s PHP In Asheville, NC

If our PHP program sounds right for you, or you’re still unsure, contact Oasis Recovery Center. Our admissions agents will listen to your story and needs and help answer the daunting and stressful questions you and your family have been holding. Even if you’re not ready for treatment, calling or filling out a form for a callback can provide the comfort of knowing you have options and people who care about getting you the help you deserve.


The average length of our PHP program is two to four weeks.

Clients typically attend partial hospitalization treatment five hours a day.

Intensive outpatient treatment programs only require around 20 hours a week of treatment and is a step-down from PHP’s structure.

No, clients do not stay overnight at our PHP center. However, we can connect clients with local and reputable sober living facilities.

Reviewed By A Specialist In The Field

Vern Eleazer

Vernetta received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Carolina University, and she also holds a MA in History and a BA in Theatre Arts. She is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and uses ACT to help clients decrease their suffering and move in the direction of their values. She is passionate about the effectiveness of Experiential Therapy, and has witnessed clients accessing their underlying issues with the aid of creative approaches. She believes in the power and influence of the group process and its ability to propel clients into committed action through the solace of connection. Vernetta is also a HeathRhythms drumming facilitator and enjoys empowering clients to express themselves through rhythm.