Mindfulness Based Therapy

“Mindfulness” has become a buzzword in the past few years, and for good reason. In our fast-paced world with so much stimulation and stress, finding stillness has never been more difficult–or more important. 

Although mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, have been used for centuries across the globe, new research data is frequently being released on the proven positive outcomes and benefits of mindfulness techniques when applied to addiction and cravings, relapse prevention, mental health, and overall brain function and well-being. 

What is mindfulness? 

At its core, mindfulness is presence. It is the practice of cultivating moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and surroundings without judgement. This can be done in any number of ways, and thousands of exercises have been created to help facilitate this practice. Many exercises include meditation, breathing exercises, body scans, and embodied movement. Others focus on the senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound. All mindfulness practices have a common theme: to slow down, drop into our bodies, and witness the experience.  

How does mindfulness work in addiction recovery? 

A mindfulness-based approach to addiction recovery treats the whole person, not just the substance abuse. Mindfulness has many health benefits, and has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety, stress reactivity, distraction, and depression, all of which can be seen as roadblocks to recovery. Mindfulness has been clinically proven to increase self-compassion, focus, cognition, heart and immune system health, rest, resilience, feelings of connection, sense of belonging, and more. 

When it comes to relapse prevention strategies, mindfulness can help increase awareness and recognition of negative thoughts, feelings, and triggers that may lead to relapse, and gives them the tools to pause and engage clear thinking rather than impulsive action. Call Oasis Recovery today to learn how this therapy can help you or a loved one.

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