Men’s Rehab Program

mens addiction rehab program

What is the Men’s Rehab Program?

Our Men’s Addiction Rehab program is ideal for males seeking comprehensive, full-time substance use treatment. Complete with integrated, gender-specific campuses, our program is designed to offer a safe, supervised, therapeutic environment, to all of our clients. Our Male Rehab program aims to promote brotherhood and focus on a common goal: lifelong sobriety.

A huge benefit of our Men’s Rehab Program is the opportunity for clients to be fully immersed in their healing and recovery process, without the distractions and stressors of regular, daily life. With staff and resources available 24/7, our clients are fully supported every step of the way.  Our men’s addiction rehab program includes various therapies, group exercises, and holistic care. Our treatment specialists work with all clients to design a custom-built treatment program that addresses all of their individual needs. This customization ensures that every client receives the effective, quality care they deserve.

Oasis Is Here For You

If you or a loved one could benefit from addiction treatment, the experts at Oasis Recovery are here for you. Between our various treatment programs, therapies, and supportive community, we provide the quality care that you deserve. To learn more about all we have to offer, download our free E book today. You no longer have to struggle with addiction alone.

Call Today To Learn More

If you are a male who is considering addiction treatment in North Carolina, call Oasis Recovery today. Our treatment specialists work will all individuals to create a treatment plan that suits their individual needs. As a member of our men’s rehab program, you will be welcomed with open arms by a community of supportive, likeminded men who share the common goal of recovery from addiction.

You do not have to struggle with addiction alone. Help is available. At Oasis Recovery, we are family and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are comfortable, supported, and empowered at all stages of treatment and beyond. Call an addiction specialist to get started today.

Facilities With A Purposes

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