Adventure Therapy

Recovery Doesn’t Have To Be Boring. 

Many people enter addiction treatment feeling like their life is over, having forgotten how to have fun without drugs and alcohol while in active addiction. Even when drugs and alcohol may stop being fun and become a serious, dangerous, and heartbreaking problem, many people still can’t imagine enjoying life without them. It is our mission at Oasis to help our clients remember the beauty and joy of life by showing them how much a sober life in recovery has to offer.

What Is Adventure Therapy? 

Adventure therapy can come in many forms, but in general, it is the incorporation of fun activities, including outdoor excursions and group outings, to help facilitate the therapeutic process through supportive, real-life situations. The benefits of adventure and experiential therapy include opportunities for personal development through confidence-building, communication and interpersonal skills, teamwork, self-reflection, and more

What Kind Of Adventures And Activities Do Clients Get To Go On? 

.At Oasis, we take full advantage of living in the heart of Blue Ridge mountains by taking our clients on weekly hikes to waterfalls, mountaintops, and more. On top of that, we are constantly coming up with more and more exciting and dynamic activities for our clients to participate in on a weekly basis.

Some recent adventures and activities have included golfing, white water rafting, skiing, and snowboarding visiting water parks, working with horses (equine therapy), boat rides, paintballing, mural painting, and hot air balloon rides. 

These experiences help our clients discover new interests while expanding their perspective and experience of life, all in a safe, supportive environment. To further integrate the experiences into all they are learning in our addiction treatment programs, these outings are often complemented by group processing and reflection exercises, facilitated by our highly-trained therapeutic team.

Adventure With Us!

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