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At Oasis Recovery Center, we encourage our clients to take an active and engaged role in their recovery once they leave one of our treatment programs.

We understand that staying committed to your recovery can be challenging, particularly when adjusting to independent living and its associated responsibilities.

Our weekly alumni support meetings provide a space for individuals to connect with others in recovery and build a positive support network. Each meeting is hosted by individuals who have gone through recovery and believe in demonstrating how individuals can lead successful, satisfying lives after completing treatment.

Alumni Support Meetings: Every Wednesday 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM via Google Meet.

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To get started, fill out the attached form to receive an introductory email or contact us to learn more about our Alumni program.


Group Expectations

  • Respect is the number one rule and is the expectation for everyone 
  • Be aware of the things you say (labels and terms that could be offensive.)
  • We are a support therapeutic group- all pathways are welcome!
  • The goal is not to give each other advice but instead support and listen.
  • If you are wanting to give feedback, please ask before doing so.
  • When someone is speaking please be intentional to mute your mic in effort to be respectful
  • Please use “I” statements.
  • If you have an interruption during the group, please turn your camera off, otherwise please keep your video on in effort to show respect to others. 
  • We ask that you stay present without distractions during this time.
  • As long as you have a commitment to sobriety you are welcome here. If you are having a difficult time with yours, please share with the group so we can offer support. Please be aware that if it is suspected that you are impaired, we may ask that you support only in the form of listening. 
  • Please refrain from detailing any medications you may be taking as it could be triggering for others.