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Top 5 Benefits of Being Sober

There is a misconception that sober life is boring or that everyone replaces their time spent getting high or drunk with time spent in AA meetings and therapy. While group meetings and therapy are an important part of maintaining lasting sobriety, people have a whole lot more time on their hands now that they are not spending most of it obtaining and abusing substances. In fact, idle time is something those in recovery need to learn to navigate early on in order to remain sober. This means filling your life with rewarding and meaningful experiences, finding a good work-life balance, and learning exciting new ways to enjoy downtime that do not involve substance abuse. 

Reach out to Oasis Recovery in North Carolina today to learn more about the abundance of benefits that come with sobriety. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. Contact us to speak with a specialist about the addiction treatment program and mental health services that are right for you. Recovery is just a phone call away! 

Top 5 Benefits of Being Sober

1. You feel better about your life

Once someone gets sober, they take a long look in the rearview and realize there is a wake of destruction and chaos. This doesn’t feel good but it’s a reminder that you don’t want to go back to living the way you were before. 

Developing and maintaining a sober life means finding new purpose and meaning. Once sober, there is plenty of time to find activities that feel worthwhile and give yourself the chance to learn newfound ways to appreciate the world. 

Once you’re sober, you no longer need to lie or make up excuses for your behaviors. It’s a good feeling when others start to say they believe they can trust you. Relatedly, you can feel positive about the life decisions you are making instead of constantly struggling with feelings of embarrassment and shame. 

2. Unlimited Sources of Joy

Those in recovery are often surprised at just how easy it can be to find sources of joy that do not involve being intoxicated or engaging in negative behaviors. You don’t need to watch a movie or listen to music while high in order to find enjoyment, just as you do not need hallucinogens to enjoy artwork. 

Once sober, you have the opportunity to find new hobbies and sources of entertainment and fun that can provide happy memories to replace the negative memories associated with your past. 

3. Personal and Spiritual Growth

Many in recovery find personal and spiritual growth in a variety of ways. Beyond traditional counseling, there are many holistic outlets that can provide beneficial insights into yourself as you learn how you desire to move through the world while sober. Some activities that can be beneficial include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness exercises and activities
  • Hiking

You can now choose to become a source of inspiration for others. This could mean being a sober sponsor, engaging in community-building activities, or leading a 12-step program or local AA chapter. 

Your ability to overcome addiction can be an inspirational recovery story for others who may look to you for guidance and help in their darkest hours.

4. Improved Relationships

Once sober, you can begin the difficult but rewarding work of repairing damaged relationships. You have an opportunity to develop healthy, stronger, deeper, and mutually beneficial connections with others. 

5. Better Physical and Mental Health 

Once you break the cycle of abuse, your mind and body begin to recover. Physically, you may find that you have increased energy, motivation, improved sleep, better memory, and appearance. 

As far as your mental health, those with addictions tend to have increased anxiety and depression. By stopping drug abuse, your mental health should show notable improvements. This includes less anxiety and symptoms of depression as well as a more stable mood and an increased sense of overall well-being. 

Contact Oasis Recovery Today To Start Your Path to Sobriety

Once you break the cycle of abuse, you will immediately notice big changes in your day-to-day life. Those in recovery frequently mention that they have a whole lot more money and free time on their hands. In sober life, you will need to create a new sense of direction and purpose. This can feel difficult but the process and end results are always rewarding. 

Reach out to Oasis Recovery today to speak with a specialist about the benefits of our personalized addiction treatment programs and mental health services. We’re ready and eager to help you get on the path to recovery. Remember, it’s never too late to find lasting sobriety.

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