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How To Stay Sober From Opioid Addiction

Opioid addictions are among the most common substance abuse disorders in the United States today. Shining light on the opioid epidemic brought much needed awareness to the public. Even so, opiate addiction remains highly stigmatized and those with opioid addictions too often do not receive the help they deserve. Drug abuse treatment programs are a highly effective means for those with an opioid addiction to kick the habit and find lasting recovery. At (Facility Name) we offer a drug abuse treatment program that can provide you with the help you deserve. Reach out to us today at [Direct] to speak with a specialist who can tell you more about the benefits of our drug abuse treatment program.

How to Stay Sober after Recovering from an Opioid Addiction

There are many proven techniques to help those in recovery avoid relapse. There’s a common misconception that individuals have an “addictive personality”. The reality is that all of us have a certain level of susceptibility and this is where the nature vs. nurture argument comes into play. Our life circumstances, our families, our friends, and colleagues, all play a role in creating a network of people who have an impact on our life. This network can either help prevent you from seeking out substances as a method of self-medicating or managing trauma, or they can enable problematic and risky behavior. 

After recovering from an opioid addiction, it’s important you learn to manage high risk situations. It’s also important that you reflect on who you decide to spend time with. Those who form addiction often find themselves spending time with others to enable poor decision making and place themselves in problematic or potentially dangerous situations. It’s essential that you learn how to make wise decisions that prevent you from returning to old ways. 

Reasons to Consider a Drug Abuse Treatment Program

Time spent in a drug abuse treatment program is, in part, designed to help you learn the life skills that can act as a guideline for safe, healthy, and positive sober living. In treatment at (Facility Name), clients learn how to avoid situations that could trigger poor decisions because of temptation, avoiding high risk triggers, and learning mental health techniques for managing what to do in real world moments when you find yourself triggered. 

The path to lasting sobriety takes time and commitment. Those who are recovering from the trauma experienced during addiction often benefit from therapy. At (Facility Name), we offer a range of therapy services including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) 
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Counseling helps our clients locate and work on the root cause of their addiction. By better understanding why you became addicted to opioids, clients are able to learn techniques that can help them avoid making similar choices that could result in relapse. 

Relapse prevention is an important aspect of treatment at (Facility Name). Our aftercare services remain available to alumni who might need the occasional boost of positive reinforcement, or help finding a local 12-step program to attend regular meetings, in order to maintain lasting sobriety.

Contact Oasis Recovery Today to Learn More About Tools to Stay Sober 

The road to recovery requires dedication. At Oasis Recovery Center, we know how difficult it is to admit you have a problem and then make the journey through a treatment program to begin recovery. We want to assure you that our professionals will be with you every step of the way from your first assessment to your final day in our drug abuse treatment program. Our programs are tailored to fit a client’s individual needs and can accommodate your personal circumstances. Reach out to (Facility Name) at [Direct] to speak with a specialist about the benefits of our treatment programs and services, and how we can help you find lasting recovery.

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