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Is Detox Necessary for Meth Addiction Treatment?

Have you found yourself entangled within the dangerous web of a crystal meth addiction? Perhaps you tried it once at a party and liked the way it made you feel. Whether you smoke, snort, swallow or inject it, the danger is all the same. 

Sometimes, people try drugs and aren’t even sure about what drug they have just used. Methamphetamine or meth is also known by the names crystal meth, ice, glass, or shards. 

Dangers of Crystal Meth

Taking meth releases high levels of dopamine in your brain, which quickly fade. This makes you want to do it again, and again, which inevitably leads to addiction. 

There are many negative consequences to long-term methamphetamine use. It causes emotional problems, as well as memory disorders. People who have used meth even have an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. 

Make no mistake about it. When you choose to use meth, you are traveling down a dangerous and ugly road. 

Noticeable changes in appearance due to meth use include severe dental problems and extreme weight loss. Many meth users experience extreme itching, which leads to skin sores. Anxiety, confusion, severe paranoia, violent behavior, and even hallucinations are all part of the experience. 

Why Detox Is a Necessary Part of Meth Addiction Treatment

The first step in becoming free of meth is to clean those poisonous substances out of your system. Meth is full of a variety of chemicals that are very dangerous and completely toxic to your body. Your body can’t begin to heal until you detox completely and stop taking meth altogether. 

Although detoxing from meth is not an easy process, it is definitely worth it in the end. When you are going through detox, you should expect to feel intense cravings for the drug. You will likely feel tired, and depressed, or anxious. You may suffer from headaches or nausea and may be dehydrated. You should expect these symptoms to set in around 24 hours after the last time you have used the drug. 

Why is meth detox necessary? Because sometimes you need to walk through the fire (so to speak) to come out clean on the other side. 

Treatments for a Meth Addiction

When it comes to treatments for meth addiction, the focus is often upon behavioral therapies such as counseling, 12-step support, drug testing, and encouragement for activities that are not drug-related. Contingency management is another helpful approach. This involves the patients being rewarded with vouchers for abstaining from drug use. These vouchers can then be traded for gifts of sorts as an incentive for staying clean. 

Although there aren’t currently any prescription drugs that will help remove meth from the body, there are a couple of drugs that could be prescribed to help patients get through the symptoms of withdrawal more comfortably. Modafinil may help with drug cravings and help regulate sleep, while Wellbutrin may be given to help relieve anxiety or depression. 

How Oasis Recovery Can Help

We at Oasis Recovery are completely aware of how difficult it can be to break a meth addiction. When you detox, although it will be challenging, you will not be alone in your fight. We care about you and your recovery and vow to do our best to help you succeed.

Don’t let drugs control your actions any longer. You deserve to have peace in knowing that you are doing the best that you can. Our treatment specialists are able to refer you to a qualified detox clinic so that you may begin treatment safely and comfortably. Your loved ones need you. Contact us today and change the outcome of your life.

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