7 Books That Address Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is not just a physical addiction. It’s an addiction to an experience. It’s a craving that takes control of your life and can be just as gripping as any other addiction. Cocaine addiction can be life-shattering, especially when it’s the first time you’re experiencing it.

Cocaine addiction can wreak havoc on your finances, your relationships, your health, and your career. It can even result in jail time. However, it doesn’t have to be the end of your life. You can get your life back on track after you overcome cocaine addiction. Here are some of the best books about cocaine addiction and how to overcome it.

1.“The Fix: A Narcotics Agent’s Story” by Nora M. Bertrand

“The Fix: A Narcotics Agent’s Story” investigates the trade and culture of cocaine in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. The book details how law enforcement struggled with and often failed to stop the flow of cocaine into their cities, which only led to more drug-related crime and corruption. The book is perfect for anyone interested in the history of cocaine use, addiction, and law enforcement.


2.“Cocaine Nights: My Life as a Drug Buyer, Junkie, and Recovery Worker” by Michael Rosenberg

Cocaine Nights is a memoir about life in South Florida as a cocaine addict. The memoir is written in the first person, which gives readers an inside look at Michael Rosenberg’s life as a cocaine addict and a drug dealer. The book especially shines a light on the life of a drug dealer and the problems that come with it. The book includes details on how to deal with police, money, and the law.

3.“The Fix: A Novel” by Jonathan Cahn

The Fix is the story of two friends who become addicted to speed after hearing that it can open their third eye. The novel is told as a straight-forward, no-frills account of two friends’ addictions, which also details their recovery. Readers who prefer a more dramatic story may want to read something else, but The Fix may appeal to those who want a straightforward story about drug addiction.

4.“Cocaine: A Novel” by Barry Eisler

“Cocaine: A Novel” takes you inside the world of L.A. cocaine dealers, dealing on the streets and in the suburbs. The novel centers on a freelance photojournalist who is sucked into the drug world. The story follows her as she becomes more familiar with the drug usage, money laundering, and distribution of cocaine. When she is introduced to the drug and becomes addicted, the story follows her as she tries to break away from the life. Cocaine: A Novel is a gripping and page-turning account of the rise of crack cocaine in the United States. You’ll never look at cocaine the same way after reading this book.

5.“The Fix: A Thriller” by Kerry Douglas

“The Fix: A Thriller” follows two DEA agents who are tasked with bringing down a powerful drug ring. The two agents must work together to uncover the true identity of their target, leading both men into the underworld of white collar crime and corruption. “The Fix: A Thriller” is a fast-paced thriller that unravels the dark and often hidden side of the drug war.6.

6.“Cocaine: The Musical” by Alex Williamson

“Cocaine: The Musical” is an interesting and often shocking look at the world of cocaine dealers and users. The story follows one young man’s life as he becomes entangled in the cocaine world and addicted to the drug. The novel is a quick read that details the nature of the drug, the degeneration of the user, and the corruption of the dealers. The book is perfect for anyone interested in the history of cocaine use, addiction, and law enforcement.

7.“The Fix: The True Story of a White Collar Drug Agent” by Barry Eisler

“The Fix: The True Story of a White Collar Drug Agent” follows a former DEA agent as he battles to bring down a multi-million-dollar narcotics ring. This is a gripping, fast-paced story that details the dark and often hidden side of the drug war. The Fix is perfect for anyone interested in the history of cocaine use, addiction, and law enforcement.

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