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15 Things To Look For When Choosing A Rehab Center

There are many factors to consider available when choosing a rehab center. Before you make a choice, you should create a personal checklist of the qualities that matter to you. Without some sort of objective evaluation of different facilities, you will not be able to pick the best one for your or your loved one’s treatment needs. Let us examine fifteen factors that determine whether a rehab center is suitable for you. 

1. Type of Treatment Offered 

There are numerous kinds of drug rehabs out there. Some offer inpatient care, some offer outpatient care, and some offer both. The effectiveness of a treatment method is not determined by whether it’s an inpatient, outpatient, or hybrid program, but rather by whether or not it fulfills your needs. You can find treatment program information on rehab center websites. You can also get all of the information you need by phoning a rehab clinic if you cannot locate the programs on their site. 

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2. Cost 

When deciding upon a rehab center, you should look for one that fits your budget. You don’t want to be stuck with insurmountable bills when you leave rehab. It would only add to your life’s stress at a time when you should be working to reduce it. To budget, compile a list of rehab centers that fit your budget, and then choose one, don’t put yourself in dire financial trouble. 

3. Treatment is Individualized 

Everyone who enters a rehab facility should be treated in a way that suits his or her unique needs. Every individual requires help, and no two individuals are exactly the same, nor have the same histories or difficulties. Because each individual has a unique history that requires addiction treatment, the approach should be personalized. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Matching treatment settings to an individual’s specific issues and needs is critical to their ultimate success. 

4. Location 

It is crucial to think about location when choosing a drug rehab center, particularly if you live in a large city where there are numerous options. If you are seeking treatment, you may want to live in a different location than you currently do. Some patients prefer to be close to their family and friends, while others seek therapy at a different location. No one option is best; it all depends on what makes you, the patient, most comfortable. Look at your options and see what’s available. Regardless of the location, you’re considering, there’s likely a treatment center that can assist you. 

5. Onsite Medical Support 

When you stop consuming substances, many of the side effects are not immediately visible. Withdrawal symptoms may begin to appear as you begin your recovery journey. Medical personnel must be present at the rehab center 24/7 so that they may address potential health complications and manage medications as needed. 

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6. Program Duration

You should also inquire about treatment length. After all, you may not be able to take a month off of work. Some therapies last 90 days, while others last one week. You must determine the length of treatment that is most suitable for you based on your priorities and comfort levels. You do not want to be prevented from getting the most out of your treatment. You must still be able to handle your everyday responsibilities or find a way to make up for your absence in addition to receiving treatment. 

7. Specialization 

Some rehab centers specialize in a specific type of addiction, such as heroin addiction only or cocaine addiction only. At the same time, some rehab centers treat a range of addictions, from heroin addiction to cocaine addiction to alcohol addiction and more. When choosing your rehab center, you should ensure that it specializes in your specific addiction. The wrong treatment for addiction may be worse than no treatment at all. Make sure you are well taken care of and ask a lot of questions. 

8. Accreditation 

It’s crucial to verify an established clinic’s accreditation. You should request information about their credentials and licenses. You should also talk about the success rates, one of the most important aspects of your decision. A facility where clients succeed frequently is likely to have a well-designed, organized approach. They will also have a qualified workforce that maintains this success rate. 

9. Therapeutic Balance 

Working all day long on a recovery program will not provide the treatment you require. You must have time for fun and relaxation. It helps keep things balanced as you undertake difficult work. In addition, you should have exercise as a component of your treatment program. Exercise is beneficial for your health and well-being. Choose a treatment center where you will find a balance between difficult recovery work and fun, therapeutic exercises. 

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10. Low Therapist-to-Client Ratio

It is imperative to keep the client-to-therapist ratio low to receive the highest level of personalized treatment. A high ratio might prevent therapists from providing you with the time and attention you need to recover. You should also avoid treatment centers that care so little about their employees that they overload them with clients. To maximize your chances of success, you should seek out a facility that offers both individual and small group therapy. 

11. Staff 

Finding out about the staff’s attitudes, demeanor, and problem-solving abilities is just as important as determining whether they are qualified. You should be treated by caring, compassionate humans who understand your challenges, and you should feel that the therapists and staff members are committed to your well-being. This will motivate you to continue on the path to recovery. 

12. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is crucial to seek treatment from a facility that offers services to address both mental health and other co-occurring disorders if you have them. For example, someone with depression and alcohol addiction might need rehab services that address both issues, which would necessitate specialized training and resources from treatment staff. 

13. Imparts Life Skills

Addiction treatment should help you to recover and live life to the fullest. You should be able to handle daily difficulties and challenging situations. Your rehabilitation centre should assist you in developing life skills like financial management and job seeking. They should also provide you with the tools and knowledge required to live independently. 

14. Aftercare

It is also important to provide clients with the tools needed to function when they return home after drug and alcohol rehab. Ask whether the rehabilitation center you are considering offers some type of aftercare, extended care, or sober living program to maintain the structure of treatment during this transition. 

15. Insurance 

 If you have health insurance, it is important to locate a rehab clinic that is in your insurance network. Choosing an out-of-network facility will cost you more money, sometimes thousands of dollars more, than selecting an in-network facility. When you research a specific treatment center, ask about insurance options. Your financial well-being and mental health will be greatly impacted if you find a facility that accepts your insurance policy. 

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Oasis Recovery Can Help 

Anyone can become addicted. If you or a loved one is currently suffering from addiction, Oasis Recovery’s mental health services and tailored treatment programs can assist you. Oasis Recovery was created from personal experience with addiction and recovery and offers mental health services and addiction treatment programs in addition to open-minded and compassionate care. We firmly believe that anyone can recover from addiction. Our experts work with you to create a treatment program that suits your needs. Common treatment programs include:

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