Find Yourself Again Through Private Detox & Addiction Treatment

At Oasis Recovery Center, you are an individual, not a number. We will help guide you from a private medical detox to our addiction treatment program where you will surely find sobriety.

Insurance Can Cover Up To 100% of Private Detox & Rehab!

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At Oasis Recovery Center, we partner with most major insurance companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, MedCost, Aetna, and more to make treatment more affordable and accessible for our clients. Depending on your insurance policy, your treatment may be fully covered. Our admissions team will work closely with you to ensure you receive the help you need at an affordable price.

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Step One – Private Detox

Step one is often the most difficult. Addiction treatment can be intimidating for many. At Oasis Recovery, many of our highly trained & experienced team members have been through addiction treatment themselves. We would love to connect with you and help get you the treatment you deserve.

Step Two- Our Rehab

At Oasis Recovery Center, we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach many addiction treatment centers take. We understand each individual has a unique story which led them to addiction, and through our holistic & individualized approach we can ensure you will get the help you are looking for.

Step Three – Enjoy Sobriety

Upon completing our addiction treatment program, we will help you get used to the new found sobriety you are experiencing. By offering comprehensive addiction treatment, we offer extensive aftercare & outpatient treatment options to those who complete our program.

What Is Private Medical Detox?

The initial part of addiction treatment usually consists of an individual going through the detoxification process. Usually lasting from 7-10 days, here the client will detox from the drugs or alcohol in a safe & medically supervised facility. This allows for a safe process to occur which can usually be uncomfortable for someone withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. When an individual decides to detox, this type of environment is highly recommend. Many who try to detox at home unfortunately end up experiencing relapse.

At Oasis Recovery center, we will help guide you through detox help you enter our high quality, evidence based addiction treatment program. We have helped thousands just like you overcome their addiction & achieve long lasting sobriety. Give us a call today!

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