Men’s Addiction Rehab Program

Men’s Substance Abuse & Addiction Rehab

Research shows that men are more likely than women to suffer from substance abuse, using illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Xanax, Heroin, Fentanyl, Meth, and more. Research also shows that substance abuse by men is more likely to result in emergency room visits or overdose deaths when compared to women also suffering from substance abuse. However, men are more likely to seek treatment for drug & alcohol addiction.

Oasis Recovery Center: Addiction Treatment

To ensure quality care for all client’s looking to gain sobriety through addiction rehab, we have developed programs to meet clients’ specific needs which include gender-specific therapies, trauma response workshops, and more. Our men’s drug addiction rehab program is ideal for males seeking comprehensive, full-time substance abuse treatment.

Complete with gender-specific housing and select workshops, our men’s addiction rehab program is designed to offer a safe, curated, and therapeutic environment to our male clients. While all clients will be typically integrated, gender-specific exercises and accommodations will address the male perspective in regard to addiction and recovery.

A huge benefit of our Men’s drug rehab program is the opportunity for clients to be fully immersed in their healing and recovery process, without the distractions and stressors of regular, daily life. With staff and resources available 24/7, our clients are fully supported every step of the way.  

You do not have to struggle with addiction alone. The experts at Oasis Recovery are trained to treat addiction such as cocaine and other drugs in all its many stages. We are here to help in any way we can. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our men’s drug addiction rehab program, call us today or watch the video above!

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