Meet Oasis Recovery's Team
Meet our friendly and certified staff
Vern Eleazer - m.s., l.c.a.s., c.c.s.
VP of Operations

As the director of an area Substance Use Disorder program Vernetta Eleazer knows what it takes to create a safe space for people to do their healing work. She is passionate about the effectiveness of Experiential Therapy, and has witnessed clients accessing their under lying issues with the aid of creative approaches. 
Vernetta received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Carolina University, and she also holds a MA in History and a BA in Theatre Arts. She is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and uses ACT to help clients decrease their suffering and move in the direction of their values. She believes in the power and influence of the group process and its ability to propel clients into committed action through the solace of connection. Vernetta is also a HeathRhythms drumming facilitator and enjoys empowering clients to express themselves through rhythm.
Renee Minx, MSW, LCAS-A, LCSW-A
IOP Director

Received her Masters of Social Work degree with a substance use specialty from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2019. She earned her undergraduate degree in Special Education with a concentration in English from UNC-Greensboro in 2015 and holds a teacher licensure in the state of North Carolina. She founded a project in 2015 called Bears Share Care which raised awareness of interpersonal violence through social media and sent resources to survivors of abuse all around the world. In 2016, she worked as a therapy assistant at a substance use treatment center, Fellowship Hall, for two years. Renee spoke at a TEDx Guilford event in November 2016 on Stopping the Cycle of Abuse. She worked as a clinical social worker at Wake Baptist Hospital with an integrated healthcare treatment team in 2017 and as a clinical social worker at a substance use treatment center, Caring Services, in 2018. She is currently licensed as a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Associate and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Associate. Renee is also a person in long-term recovery who values mindfulness, adventure, compassion, nature and human connection.

John Libby
Admissions Director 

I was a recovery resistant addict for the better part of 20 years. Only when all other options were exhausted I would check into detox. Dad died when I was 16 so my mom was the one left to keep me alive while I sabotaged any opportunity for progress. Eventually the lessons of a dozen treatment centers started to take hold. After trying many recovery communities in the southeast, I came to Asheville to find a unique and dynamic recovery community that felt like home instantly. The Asheville recovery community is large enough to facilitate all recovery needs, yet the city is small enough not to be overwhelming to someone in early recovery. Life has changed dramatically as I continue to work on long term sobriety in ways I could not have imagined. I work in this field with the hopes that I can play a small part in facilitating the excitement that comes with self-worth that I have felt in sobriety.
Sam Pennington
Creative Director

Sam brings a plethora of creative energy to the Oasis family. She studied film and communications at East Tennessee State University and moved to the Asheville area in 2012. Feeling somewhat native to the area she has a huge connection to the local community and is super helpful to speak on the available resources that Western North Carolina has to offer. Her background is focused strongly on film, culinary, art, design, and marketing. Sam is in recovery herself and understands first hand how delicate and impactive rehabilitation is. She creatively thinks outside of the box to offer the most sustainable and effective benefit to your experience at Oasis. Assisting in adventure therapy with videography, planning staff and client get togethers, outreach to the local community, and volunteering in non-profit organizations needless to say, she stays busy. She typically has two pups trailing behind her at all times; a pug named Oatmeal and a mountain cur named Bowie they are her wingmen and an asset to her creative flow. Chances are upon your arrival at Oasis you will be greeted with a friendly smile and tons of support from Sam. Working in recovery is what she is most passionate about these days and with each day is eager to learn more. 
Cooper DeNegre
Business Development

"In 2013 Cooper moved to Asheville to begin his journey toward recovery. Since then, He has dedicated his time to helping others on their paths to recovery. Helping others find peace has become his passion as well as full time job. Working at Oasis Recovery allows Cooper to guide others toward the most important transformation of their lives. Cooper is vital to our team at Oasis."
Christopher Scullin
Adventure Therapist

Christopher was born and raised in North Carolina. He has enjoyed being out and free in nature his whole life. Christopher has traveled many roads in this lifetime already. He enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, tending to his garden, making music, cliff jumping, traveling to music festivals, and building relationships. For the last five years Christopher has found his passion helping individuals struggling with addiction. He has found a strong balance between wellness and nature He sincerely enjoys sharing his passions with others. 
Kristi Wrolstad
Art Therapist Intern

Kristi integrates her knowledge of the whole-self gained from being a Licensed Massage Therapist and Natural Therapeutics Specialist with the therapeutic power of the creative process from being a lifelong artist and dancer. She utilizes her training in Art Therapy, Dance and Movement Therapy, Qi Gong, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems in her groups and individual sessions. She is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Counseling and will be certified as a Licensed Art Therapist this year. Kristi has been actively on a path of self-realization and healing for the past two decades. Her passion is to assist others in their journey
towards wellness and fulfillment. She is deeply inspired by her experiences in nature and her travels around the world.
Stacy Greenwood
Office Manager

The best way to describe myself stem from the following words: loyalty, dedication, and compassion. What I admire most about working in recovery is clearing out a pathway for others to have the chance at a fulfilling life. Working with families and supporting our clients on their new journey's is what brings me peace. I myself, am in recovery and the mother of a child in recovery and that has given me a more clear perspective of the suffering and heartbreak that so often is brought surrounding this field of work. Working at Oasis has benefited my own personal path in recovery tremendously. I love being a mother and grandmother now, spending time with family is one of the most important things in my life. I enjoy going to see my parents and spending time with them at the beach in my off time. 

I was born and raised in Minnesota and moved to Wilmington, NC in 1994. I moved to Asheville in 2016 to have a close relationship to my children and grandson. Most of my professional career was spent as the owner/operator of a high volume child care center licensed for 87 children, which I originally opened to help teen mothers be able to finish their education, and eventually expanded my business to include the public. I have a bachelors degree from the University of MN (Duluth campus or UMD) in Communications and Psychology.    
I am unequivocally proud to be on the team at Oasis Recovery.
Eddie Leshure
Recovery Coach

Eddie LeShure is a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200), meditation teacher, Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CASC), Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), and person in long-term recovery. His primary passion is bringing evidence-based, trauma-informed mindfulness, therapeutic movement, and self-compassion practices into the realms of addiction recovery, trauma relief, and self-care. Eddie has been doing yoga since 1971, began meditating in 1982, and has studied and practiced on three continents with dozens of eminent teachers, spending the equivalent of two years in retreat setting. He teaches and leads groups in recovery settings, as well as in series classes, workshops, retreats, and regularly presents at conferences addressing addiction recovery. Eddie currently teaches yoga at Asheville Community Yoga, co-founded a weekly “Mindfulness and 12 Steps” meeting, and along with Margaret Kirschner, is co-founder of A Mindful Emergence, LLC.
Margaret Kirschner
Recovery Coach

Margaret Kirschner is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CASC), meditation teacher, and Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) who specializes in guiding individuals’emergence from addiction and trauma through mindful movement. With twenty years experience as a yoga teacher, she offers an integrated approach to thriving in recovery and has taught in a wide range of settings. Margaret safely supports individuals in learning to listen to and trust their bodies’ limits while also bringing an attitude of curiosity toward reaching higher possibilities, providing participants with a safe and empowering experience for healing their minds, restoring their nervous systems, and renewing their bodies. In addition to her certification as a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapist at the 500-Hour level, Margaret is certified as a Dao Flow Yoga Practitioner, a registered prenatal yoga teacher (E-RPYT) and birth doula (CD(DONA), and along with Eddie LeShure, co-founder of A Mindful Emergence, LLC.
Mary Davis
Recovery Coach
Mary is a recovery coach with a private practice in Asheville, NC. She is presently working toward her certification as a substance abuse counselor, facilitating DWI groups for Second Spring Counseling, and offering Life Skills classes to local sober homes to help their clients transition back into society after treatment without using substances to cope.

With a lifelong interest in wellness and helping others, Mary's work history includes 16 years as a bodyworker, four years as a depression coach, and two and a half years with Legacy Freedom Treatment Center pursuing her certification as a substance abuse counselor. She has received training in Peer Support work and Presence Based Coaching. Mary uses both of these evidence based approaches as the foundation of her work in building rapport with her clients around shared life experience, and developing greater self awareness with mindfulness practices to facilitate growth and change.
Jonathan Wood

Jonathan is a natural born leader with a wide range of experience in diverse avenues of collaboration, from real estate development projects to wireless internet infrastructure design. He has a passion for inspired action, which has propelled him into community outreach and networking. At a time when he was face to face with the destruction of addiction, both through firsthand experience, and in facing the death of a friend, he embarked on a new venture: to build a safe, supportive space for addicts to truly recover. Through lots of planning and logistics, and many synergistic connections, all the cooperative components of this heart-felt endeavor have come together to build an uplifting environment for recovery. Jon is ever-ready to lend a supportive role in any day-to-day operations of the center, and in assisting clients throughout their stay.
Lindsey Lavery
Outreach Coordinator

Born and raised in North Carolina, I sought recovery in Asheville which is where I call home. Being surrounded by a strong network of women I find myself living a purposeful and fulfilling life I never dreamed possible. Accountability and structure played a major part in my early recovery and set the standard for my recovery today. I understand how important these tools are and hope to pass them to my clients. In my free time I enjoy being present with my two beautiful children who are the most precious gift recovery has given me. I also enjoy nourishing the unconditional relationships recovery has afforded me. I’m currently transitioning from House Manager to be our full time Outreach Manager. Through my own journey in recovery I’ve come to find my life experience, learned strengths, and combined knowledge of disease and recovery give me the tools I need to excel in this new position. I am delighted and beyond grateful to be a part of the Oasis team.
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