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Video 1: EMDR Therapy
Ever wish you could put a bandaid on past mental trauma, like a scraped knee on a child, and move along with the joys of life? Although it’s not that simple, there is a therapeutic technique that brings a lot more ease and simplicity into the process of healing from past trauma: EMDR. 

This therapeutic approach manages to break down the healing process into three main steps. These steps have proven very effective in allowing people to genuinely heal trauma and adapt to new neural pathways, allowing for freedom from the triggers of past traumatic events. 

So let’s break down a bit of the reasoning behind what occurs in a typical EMDR session, and talk about a few key components of a typical EMDR session series. 

EMDR stands for Excellent Magical Directive for Relief- well, not really but that could work. It actually stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, according to the acronym experts. I love the acronym experts because they are FTW

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