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"Don’t let the past steal your present"
Our Approach
At Oasis Recovery
we advocate an integral model that brings balance to clients who live in an imbalanced world. An integral model is one that takes the most valuable perspectives from science, mindfulness, art, sociology/cultural anthropology, and therapeutic approaches, and incorporates these in ways that are practical and deliver results.
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“It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.” 
Russell Brand
Oasis Recovery is a progressive network of recovery options
based in Asheville, NC
We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for people who are recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Through extensive avenues of support, our program aims to accompany and assist recovering individuals, throughout each phase of their process. Whether one is seeking intervention, an outpatient program, or extended aftercare, we are here to support them. We desire to empower those learning to face life, clean and sober. Through a diverse array of therapeutic services, with a focus on individualized care, our goals are: to help facilitate freedom from addiction, alleviate suffering, renew inspired action, and uncover a newfound purpose for each individual who walks through our doors.


Mornings are a great time to set intentions of ease and flow for the day. Clients begin each weekday with yoga and meditation to instill a quality of openness for the rest of the day's therapeutic and educational endeavors. Following this are life skills educational classes, informative or therapeutic groups, and
creative expression groups.


Following lunch and adequate break time, clients are led into a variety of groups for self discovery, spiritual inspiration, and community based learning and co- creation. 

Throughout the afternoon, they may be introduced to various applicable topics through educational sessions, movies and other media, group discussions, guest speakers, and experiential activities, such as adventure outings into surrounding


After the center's afternoon activities, therapy, and
group meetings, clients are transported either to the
gym, for the powerful positive effects of physical
exercise, or back to their residences. 

Clients are
provided transportation to 12 step or refuge recovery
meetings 4 days a week and eat dinner at their leisure.


Structure is less formal on weekends, allowing for rest, personal time, meeting with sponsors or mentors, community involvement, and further personal growth and development. 

On Saturdays, we plan a group outing which may include a ropes course, hiking, rock
climbing, or some other activity in nature.
We use tools and theories, such as group and
individual psychotherapy, HeartMath, Ajna light, Nature/Music sound meditation entrainments, drumming, dance, art, rituals, aroma therapy, massage, breath work, yoga, and adventure outings. Through these avenues of support, we aim to educate and coach clients in deepening their relaxed, uninhibited, open, and clear SELF, and in expressing
that in a safe and supportive environment.
Recovered Patient Testimonials
At Oasis Recovery, we understand that recovery is a process. Each phase of the process requires certain corresponding levels of care and attention. Our comprehensive program accompanies each individual through their entire process. At Oasis Recovery, the process begins with a 30 day intensive treatment program, with residential options, and around the clock support. 
Following that, we offer an outpatient program, and lifetime aftercare. Every phase of the program is designed as a launching pad for future success. We believe that with compassionate attention, and positive momentum, a foundation for lasting recovery, and freedom from addiction, is not only possible, but inevitable.
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