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Detox- The 5 Most Dangerous Drugs To Come Stop Using

When you detox from anything, be it alcohol or illegal drugs, it’s a difficult process. However, in some cases, this difficulty extends to actual danger, which only increases when detoxing is done incorrectly or without professional help. 

Not all methods of detox are equal, with research still being done on the topic today. A consensus has been made that professional treatment is much more effective than going it alone, which drastically increases the dangers of detox. Sometimes, the effects of withdrawal can even become fatal – let’s take a look at the top five most dangerous drugs to detox from today.

1. Alcohol

This first one may surprise you, as alcohol may also be one of the commonest drugs in the US, and its legality can lead some to assume it’s completely safe. Nothing could be further from the truth – at its most severe, alcohol withdrawal reportedly has a fatality rate between 1% and 10%.

2. Heroin

From an unlikely suspect to one of the most infamous drugs of the modern day, we arrive at heroin. This highly addictive drug has such intense withdrawal symptoms that only a reported 23% of those who go through professional treatment to detox remain off the drug, and some detox methods do result in fatalities.

3. Benzodiazepines

These drugs can be effective at treating anxiety and other conditions, but when treatment becomes an addiction, the effects can turn deadly. Withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines can include life-threatening seizures as well as psychological impacts like suicidal thoughts and attempts.

4. Crack cocaine

This is a form of cocaine that is smoked and easily lends itself to binge-using, which can quickly become an addiction. Unfortunately, only around 25% of those who go through detox for crack cocaine no longer use it after six months, and cravings can lead to reusing a drug that is dangerously easy to overdose on, due to its pure form.

5. Methamphetamine

Better known as simply meth, this drug can actually cause long-lasting psychological damage that may not be repairable by detox, especially if professional treatment is not sought. Mental withdrawal symptoms such as depression and rapid mood swings can lead someone going through meth withdrawal to become a danger to themselves, and even others.

Why is Seeking Professional Treatment Important?

When considering detox, it’s always best to contact a service that can offer you professional treatment. This will give you access to resources that you may not have found or been able to use on your own, such as focused group therapy and appropriate medical intervention. Experts can protect you from potential health problems such as infections and give you a much higher chance of successful detox, rather than quick relapse.

Self-detox, where you attempt to stay clean and rid your body of drugs on your own, has been found to be ineffective by many, but it can also become dangerous. When you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms that may be physically dangerous, such as seizures, or psychologically dangerous, such as violent outbursts and suicide attempts, the 24/7 supervision of professional treatment is necessary to keep you and those around you safe.


Although detox and withdrawal can be intimidating concepts for current drug users and even those looking to kick their habits, they don’t have to be scary. Professional treatment is almost always the answer, making the reported figures that only 10% of those detoxing in the US use professional treatment staggering. 

In order to maximize your safety during detox and the chances of you both becoming and staying clean, it’s crucial to research the best professional treatment for you and start sooner rather than later.

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